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Menswear Kollektionen

Alden Shoes USA

Plain toe, penny loafers, tassel loafers. World-class
manufacturers of shoes

Barba Napoli
Shirts in inimitable Neapolitan handicraft

These washed cashmere sports jackets are the
standards for upmarket vintage fashion.

Com des Garcons
The Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo is known for
her unique silhouettes.

Car Shoe
World-famous easy loafers


Sportswear in high fashion format for over 25 years.

Brunello Cucinelli

From cashmere cardigans to clean full-range
supplier for high quality sportswear


Socks for the sophisticated gentleman with an ironic
view of society


Very, very British with its own unique standing for
fashion and sportswear.


A genial, contemporary shirt designed by an
incorrigible optimist with a subtle and elegant taste.
Magnificent! Fresh!


There are no better trousers!


From nothing to the empire of the premium class.
Thanks to the unrivalled Ciro Paone. A collection
that can’t be put in words and that gets better
every year!

Loro Piana

The genial material weavers have managed to rise
up to the same heights as Hermes; just more

Silvano Lattanzi

Worldwide the most innovative shoemaker with an
unbelievable power of combining tradition, humour,
quality and modernity.

Paul Smith

Sir Paul has everything we want; humour,
intelligence, assertiveness and a sense of mission.
Result: the most consistent collection among the
world’s fashion designers.

Stile Latino

Vincenzo Attolini is strictly a lone fighter, who lets
the Neapolitan tailoring art of his father Cesare
Attolini live on unadulterated in his collection.
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