• "One of the best gents'
    outfitters in Europe"

  • Quotation from “Der Gentelman” – handbook of classic men’s fashion by Bernhard Roetzel, which is considered to be the best researched standard work in the German language.

  • H.B. Möller has been an independent retailer since 1972.
  • 1983 Opening of the legendary sportswear store “Fontana” in the old town of Hanover with collections such as: Claude Montana, Comme de Garcons, J.P. Gaultier, Dirk Bikkembergs, C.P. Company, Jil Sander and the unrivalled horse leather shoes by Alden USA.
  • 1984 Start with shoe service for welt-sewn horse leather shoes by Alden, the nationally known and used Alden service with good-as-new finish. Start of the cooperation with Kiton Napoli.
  • Moved the whole business from the old town into Theaterstrasse 14 in the newly opened Galerie Luise in Hanover-Central under the name of H.B. Möller.
  • Developed in the period from 1987 until the new move in 2007 into one of the most acknowledged gents’ outfitters in Germany.
  • Since this time H.B. Möller has been part of the inner circle of top-selling Kiton dealers as well as the European outpost of the shoe manufacturer Alden Shoes USA thanks to his specialised expertise.
  • 2007 Amalgamation of H.B. Möller KG with Michaela Möller, owner and wife Michaela Möller, under one roof to use the synergy effect in order to gear the companies towards the challenges of the coming years with an area of approx. 420 square metres.
    Since August 2007 the leading collections from women’s and men’s fashion have been combined under the firm name of Möller & Möller in order to present to Hanover a unique installation of fashion in an unequalled interior.
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