Highest quality,
craftsmanship and service.

In October 1997 33-year old Michaela Möller opened her first business in the direct vicinity of her husband’s shop. Herbert Möller’s business, H.B. Möller für Herrenbekleidung und Schuhe, has been successfully operating at this 70 square metre location in Theaterstrasse 13 since 1987.

After many years of establishing international as well as lesser known collections, this synergy of DOB and HAKA crystallised via the direct neighbourhood into something extremely successful, strengthening the firm determination to optimise the “rewards for all efforts” by means of a larger, joint area.

In the direct proximity of Theaterstrasse the former boulevard Joachimstrasse was named as the new centre as a result of the old buildings being pulled down and the new Joachimszentrum being built.
Joachimszentrum is a completely newly developed location with exclusively owner-


managed high quality stores, such as a top florist, Patisserie Elysee, whose Maitre acquired his skills at Lenotre in Paris, an exclusive children’s shoe shop as well as the Röhrbein restaurant, run by the nationally known celebrity chef Ekkehard Reimann.

It is here that Michaela and Herbert Möller opened “Möller & Möller” in September 2007; a luxury 420 square metre store divided equally into womenswear and menswear departments.

The interior of the store can in no way be put on a level with that of a museum; it rather radiates modernity and warmth. Simply evoking a sense of well-being.

The customers benefit from a spacious division of area, which is arranged in a special shoe, bag and accessory corner, a sportswear presentation as well as a luxury area completely separate from the men’s area.

At Möller & Möller we have our own style

accompanied by a selected range, consultancy, ]service and interior. True to her many years of successful philosophy, Michaela Möller also serves customers here herself with extremely high quality and stylistically sophisticated collections, correspondingly combined individually according to the customer’s personality and not put on in a uniform way in line with monobrands because we are not in London or Paris but always keep reality in our sights.

The most important commodity along with an excellent offer presentation is Michaela Möller and her long-standing employees providing their customers with the best possible service. Offering competent advice has established mutual trust over the years so that we are in the meantime able to speak about a “big family”!

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